Thursday, January 27, 2011

Strings Attached

I have recently stumbled upon Frieda&Nellie's handmade, each one of a kind cotton friendship bracelets with vintage rhinestones.

They are super fun and perfect for layering or mixing with your own bangles and bracelets.

I kinda want to collect them ALL but they are on the pricey side ranging from $130 to $300. I'd rather save up and splurge on a Cartier Love or a Van Cleef Collection Perlée Bracelet (wink wink).

But if you are feeling extra generous today, feel free to order them here - one for you and maybe five for me ;-)

Yes, it's the dead of winter however these bracelets remind me very much of summer and maybe that's why I find myself so drawn to them.

I am thinking of getting the Haute Betts Gypsy Bracelets that have graced fashion icons such as the Olsens and Nicole Richie.

They also look super fun and layerable and retail for only $45 each!

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