I love it when things come in simple, utilitarian packaging — it kind of says that whatever’s inside is so special that it doesn’t need any help from its container.

Legend (internet) has it that when cult perfumer Le Labo rolled out its latest scent, Santal 33, a two-block-deep line formed outside the NoLita boutique in anticipation. I would like to stop by and pick up a bottle for myself this weekend.

To “pick up” a bottle of Le Labo perfume is sort of an understatement, though. Once you choose from the dozen or so scents, a lab coat-clad mixologist blends a fresh helping of it for you, and prints a label with your name on it. It’s a semi-couture fragrance. There are body lotions, massage oils, candles, and even a Rose 31-scented laundry detergent (think about Rose 31-scented underwear! )

Santal 33 is a woodsy, Marlboro-man inspired juice that appeals to men and women—a common thread in Le Labo creations.

So when you oh-so-thoughtfully gift one to your live-in significant other, be sure to remind them: sharing is caring.

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