Friday, September 30, 2011

Miu Miu Wish List

I wish it would rain silver and gold...
(and leopard)...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Le Love - Darlin Dearest

I've always been a free spirit.

I am constantly looking for something fun and new. If I get bored or restricted, I run.

So let's be adventurers darlin!

Unfinished business

you and I will always be unfinished business...

Le Love

...if you're not looking for love, it'll look for you...

A favorite vacation spot - Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay

411: Thirty minutes from Bodrum, Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay is a sprawling spa resort in a postcard-perfect setting. Views of the Aegean take center stage, whether through floor-to-ceiling windows in rooms and suites, in some of the six on-site restaurants or from the enormous infinity pool — one of the largest in Turkey. The private beach and 60,000-square-foot Six Senses Spa (with a traditional Turkish hammam) make this destination for sun-worship and spa time, but the city action and historic sights in Bodrum are just a short drive away.

This is one of my favorite vacation destinations when in Turkey. It's perfect for 3 day get aways as well as longer stays.

The rooms are minimalistically decorated and all have views.

The buffet style brunch overlooking the breath taking panoramic view is simply amazing.

The beach is private and secluded and even though the water can be quite chilly, it is crystal clear. You get assigned a butler/personal assistant when on the beach; you simply press a button and he will bring fluffy towels and make you a cozy bed in your cabana, bring you drinks/food anything your heart desires ;) ( well not just anything! get your minds out of the gutter ladies :) )

We prefer spending the day on the beach then retreat to the pool area where we snack on freshly made afternoon sushi and cocktail.

The resort has a spa where I am known to have spent an entire day getting a full body massage, facial and body scrub/rub at the hammam - it's a serene experience.

At night, you can stay in the resort and taste the delicious food in one of their restaurants but having spent way too many summers in Bodrum since I was a little girl, I prefer driving to surrounding cities and having locally caught seafood and homemade baklava!

NYC rooftop houses

Would you please take a loot at these amazing photos of rooftop houses in Manhattan.

 Those are absolutely incredible. I can't believe I've never noticed them before!

 I imagine they afford a certain level of privacy.

 I wonder what they cost.  How does one even start the process of leasing, buying or renting space up there?

Choke me please! Part Deux!

Assad Mounser - Lady Jane necklace 

... Spikes on a choker ...

...The modern/gothic marriage between leather, metal and fluorite ...

I want this!


NYC Guide: How to flag a cab

Darlings, for anyone who doesn't know, here are five easy steps to flagging a taxi...

1. Step into the street. It might sound dangerous, but it's really not: Standing a few feet into the street is the only way cabs will spot you around parked cars, trees and pedestrians.

 2. Look for a free cab. To tell if a cab is free, look at the lights on the top of the cab. If the cab is free, the middle light will be on. If the cab is taken, all the lights will be off. If the cab is off-duty, the top side lights will be on (and will spell out "off duty").

3. Raise your hand. Once you see a free cab, just raise your hand. That's it!
P.S. If you want to look cool: New Yorkers are hilariously nonchalant about holding up their arms. To look like a local, put up your arm and don't make any facial expression. Look directly at the cab. Once the cab sees you and starts heading your way, put your arm down. You know the cab is coming, the cab knows it's coming.

On a different scenario, feel free to shout terrible words and shake your fists at the cab when they drive past you as you stand in the pouring rain :)) 

4. When you climb into the cab, give the driver the cross streets of your destination. For example, instead of saying, "I'm going to 88 Second Avenue," you would say, "I'm going to Second Avenue, between 5th and 6th." That makes it much easier for your driver to know exactly where to take you. (Also, feel free to chat with the driver; sometimes they're grouchy, but most of the time, they're awesome and have good stories.)

5. When you arrive at your destination, have your money ready, along with a 15-20% tip. And, for safety, always get out of the door on the sidewalk side of the cab--not on the street side--even if it means sliding over on the backseat.

That's it!

Choke me please!

Chokers are back and they are nothing like they used to be in the 90s thanks to a combination of mixed metals and intriguing textures.

These necklaces are much more sophisticated and have appeared on many fall runway shows from Vena Cava to YSL.

So go ahead, pull your hair back and rock'em chokers ladies!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Give me Miu Miu! Give me Glitter!

Miu Miu continues to blow my mind season after season and Fall 2011 was no different.

My obsession this season is focused on a pair of these insanely fun booties!

 If I were going to buy one novel, eye-catching, can't-stop-talking-about-it item for my wardrobe this season - this sparkly number might be my splurge!

When you first see them, you think, "It's a shoe and a's a bootie!"

Miu Miu 





Truly a unique and special pair of shoes. I'd pair these with an all-black outfit to make them really pop.

Not completely sold on peach suede? How about this edgier black and silver version you can dress up or down.

Order them online or go check them out in Miu Miu SoHo if you are in NYC.

Musical Truffles: The Best Excuse To Eat Chocolate Ever!

The only thing I like more than haute couture is haute chocolate especially Soho high-end chocolatier, Vosges Haut Chocolate

The stylish sweets in question? The new Groove Truffle collection - a pairing of the brand's addictive signature truffles with some even more addictive tunes. Tricked out in packaging designed by Marian Bantjes, the "Groove Box" is a truly multi-sensory approach to America's genres of music.

First, read about the era in question, then play the accompanying song while you eat the truffles made with a popular ingredient from the time frame. We finally have a legit excuse to inhale chocolates people—c'mon, we're learning!

While it's not in NYC yet (the drop-date is around late October), it's available online here now.

My favorite option is hands-down the blingin' Hip-Hop Truffle, white chocolate with Krug champagne and, yep, edible gold leaf.

The Most Decadent And Delicious Fashion Week Cupcake


Though Fashion's Night Out is well and truly gone, the memories live and, so does the food. Specifically the latest culinary trend—the cupcake. Enter Crumbs Bake Shop's Fashion's Night Out Cupcake, the "Tuxedo."

Our Fashion Week diet is damned with this confection, a decadent "blondie" cupcake covered in vanilla cream cheese frosting, topped with white chocolate chips and blondie pieces, and complete with white and black chocolate on top.

For $4 each, the Tuxedo, which premiered at FNO to designers delights is now available at Crumbs nationwide, a very good and a very bad thing.

P.S. I Want These: Proenza Schouler iPad Cases

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez have a singular talent for making sure our Proenza Schouler wish-list never stops expanding.

Case in point: the label's new small leather accessories exclusively available as of last Friday on

So the question is: Ready to switch over to the Mac side?