Monday, August 29, 2011

Good-Mood Foods

Happy Meals: Good-Mood Foods

Being a heath-nut, I couldn't pass the opportunity to share this list of feel-good foods with you.

I am yet to try chilli peppers but I can say I wholeheartedly agree with the others :-)

So, dig in!
For a Tough Workout:
Studies show that a jolt of java an hour or so before exercise increases endurance. Low-fat chocolate milk , meanwhile, makes for an excellent post-workout recovery drink: Its protein-to-carb ratio is ideal for repairing and strengthening muscles.

Before a Presentation:
Settle your nerves with oatmeal , which will keep your blood sugar stable. Still feeling frazzled? The vitamin C in oranges reduces the stress hormone cortisol.

To Get in the Mood:
Forget oysters. Red-hot chili peppers stimulate your libido on two fronts: They fool the body into thinking it’s in pain, flooding the brain with endorphins as well as speeding up blood flow (enhancing pleasure).

Before Bed:
Anyone who has feasted for Thanksgiving knows turkey can induce some serious sleepiness, but bananas contain the same snooze-chemical, tryptophan.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Les Jeans De Chanel

Get Ready! Chanel Is Launching Three New Nail-Polishes For Fashion's Night Out

You know these will go fast! Chanel is releasing a limited-edition trio of denim-inspired nail-polishes created by Peter Philips, Creative Director of Chanel makeup, exclusively for FNO.
The shades, Blue Rebel, Blue Boy and Coco Blue, are just dusky and mellow enough to help usher us into fall and they're definitely nail art-worthy, too. Talk about Jean-ius :-)

Les Jeans De Chanel, available on September 8 through the end of the month at Chanel.