Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Musical Truffles: The Best Excuse To Eat Chocolate Ever!

The only thing I like more than haute couture is haute chocolate especially Soho high-end chocolatier, Vosges Haut Chocolate

The stylish sweets in question? The new Groove Truffle collection - a pairing of the brand's addictive signature truffles with some even more addictive tunes. Tricked out in packaging designed by Marian Bantjes, the "Groove Box" is a truly multi-sensory approach to America's genres of music.

First, read about the era in question, then play the accompanying song while you eat the truffles made with a popular ingredient from the time frame. We finally have a legit excuse to inhale chocolates people—c'mon, we're learning!

While it's not in NYC yet (the drop-date is around late October), it's available online here now.

My favorite option is hands-down the blingin' Hip-Hop Truffle, white chocolate with Krug champagne and, yep, edible gold leaf.

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