Thursday, February 24, 2011

What I'm LOVING right now - Home Edition

Blame it on the long, frigid winter we have here in New York ( well, I do ), but I have been feeling like nesting lately.

And I mean business!!!

Long gone are the cruel 2 hr- long spin classes after work and cruising downtown with the gang till the early morning lights only to wake up in an hour or two and do it all over again :)

We are talking coming home after work and curling up with a steaming hot cup of Mariage-Freres Teas and watching How I Met Your Mother, reading on Kindle 3, online shopping for candles, pillows, dinner parties, Friday nights in with DVDs, popcorn and wine in our private movie room :)

Guests bring food and dessert unless we cook together and I provide blankets, popcorn, hot cocoa and wine.

And really, who wants to go out when the temperature is below freezing anyway ???

Speaking of Mariage-Freres, my favorites are Eros - puts a smile on my face everytime I smell it - HEAVENLY - and The Vert Marco Polo.

You can buy them in France, order them online or simply go to your local Dean & Deluca where they carry the most popular selections if you live in New York City. 

I take them to work as well and brew them in my new favorite Starbucks Mug by who else but Jonathan Adler :-)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jonathan Adler's eye for design and his fun, colorful pillows. I want them ALL!!!

If you are a fellow home fragrance/candle lover, I highly recommend the Voluspa Japonica 3 wick candles I posted below.

You cannot go wrong with Makassar Ebony Peach and French Cade & Lavender. They both smell lovely, very subtle yet very distinctive.

I get compliments from my guests every time I light them, never fails :-) You can find them at Anthropologie and Bloomingdale's not to mention online candle stores.

And this Kate Moss painting by Rene Gracia Jr. would go above the couch in the living room, if only I could get my hands on one of his artwork  *sigh*

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