Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That 70s Denim !!!

It's time to take your jeggings out of heavy rotation and give the skinny jeans in your closet a much needed rest ladies!!!!

For spring, instead of going for those familiar favorites, we need to find the perfect pair of '70s-inspired jeans.  Whether it's a full-on flare or a wide-leg style is totally up to you, just make sure you look for two things: a mid/high-waisted silhouette and a clean, monochromatic wash.

Here are some of the season's must-have styles for your shopping pleasure. Pair them with uber high wedge sandals or YSL Tributes and show them what you have got ladies!!!

My favorites are by J Brand. I am a loyal J Brand fan as at 5' 9'' no other jeans fit like they do.

BUT I caved in and ordered a pair by GAP yesterday (the 30%off coupon lured me in to be honest ) and I am sooo curious about how they will fit!!!

Update 2/24/11: So the GAP denim arrived and OMG they are way too big, as in I could have fit 2 small kids in each leg :)  so I had to return them. Looking forward to trying on the J Brand version! 

Happy shopping!

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