Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cinderella Factor

I had read about  Brian Atwood's "Cinderella Factor" - what he describes as the instantaneous transformation that occurs when a woman slides her foot into the magical shoe.

This is exactly what I happened when I laid my eyes on Christian Louboutin's Almeria open toe espadrille wedges!

Were you expecting a pair of sky-high pumps? No, not me. I am all about style AND comfort especially during summer in the city. I would hate to ruin a pair of $500+ shoes while running errands in 90degrees and go home to swollen, bruised feet, thank you BUT no, thank you!

Espadrilles have really seen a revival in the last couple of years and I have been wearing mine for a good 3 years or so now. They are sexy but also casual in a perfect-breezy-summer-day-out kind of way.

have been looking for a pair of chic yet sporty / comfy brown espadrille wedges to replace my beloved Jil Sanders (mom's gift - shout out to my mom for her exquisite taste :) ) that I have literally worn to death.

Christian Louboutin always seems to get it right: They are perfectly fine and oh they shall BE MINE MINE MINE !

They come in a variety of colors but I will take the dark browns PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE. I cannot wait to pair them with the Jbrand Houlihans skinny cargo pants that I have become an essential staple of my wardrobe as well as mini summer dresses,  Joe's Jeans frayed shorts and fresh white denim :)

Almerias not only elongate your legs and make them look super lean and toned but they are also ultra comfortable.

In my case, I am pushing 6 feet  with them on and I should admit I have had some ex bfs voice their concern about me towering over them with heels on to which I have always said: GET OVER IT! :)

Hey maybe I should start dating taller men :) After all, men come and go but your FABULOUS Louboutins stay true to you :)

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